For the word of God and the testimony of Jesus-Tokyo Bible Church


Here we introduce the various meetings of our church. Please freely participate in any of these. Except for worship services and Sunday school, dates and times are subject to change, so please contact the church for further information.

Lord’s Day Services

Morning Service: each Sunday, 11:00~12:00

礼拝At our services we tranquilly worship the true God. We sing hymns, read the Bible and listen to Bible messages. Offerings are collected, but there is no need to offer for unbelievers. Bibles and hymn books can be borrowed next to the entrance.

Adult Bible Study Class

each Sunday 10:30~10:45

We learn various beneficial things for Christian faith and life. This far we have covered many topics including Bible outline, household, marriage, aging, lifestyle, brain death and organ transplantations as well as doctrine. If you arrive at the church 30 minutes prior to the service, you’re welcome to participate.

Prayer Meeting with Bible Study

each Wednesday, 19:30~20:45

In the middle of the week, we come together to sing hymns, learn from the Bible and memorize Bible verses while praying for the church and our friends and relatives.

Introductory Class

Sundays (except for 1st Sundays) after the service, about 20min. long

A class for those who want to learn the basics of Christianity and the Bible. Because of the small group size, anything may be asked.

Baptism Class

Sundays (except for 1st Sundays) after the service, about 20min. long

Classes where those who believe Jesus Christ to be the Messiah are prepared for their baptism. People who moved to us from other churches can also take part. The aim is to let everyone know what precisely we believe in and what it means to be a member of the church. Of course, it is not obligatory for participants to receive baptism or become church members.

Men’s Group (Timothy)

each 4th Sunday, one hour in the afternoon

壮年会A group of married men. We are usually around ten persons, so we can cover a variety of contents – learning and teaching, discussion and sharing our experience.

Women’s Group

each 4th Sunday, one hour in the afternoon

婦人会A group of married women. We are about 10 to 15 persons and together with the pastor learn from the Bible. In December we take part as a choir in the children’s Christmas celebration. In our group, we help each other and grow in knowledge.

Youth Group

each 4th Sunday, 14:00~15:00

青年会A group for young people including senior high school and university students. We are about ten people. The leader, who is a different member each week prepares an activity or subject for the meeting. We have a very merry meeting where we learn from the Bible and discuss various subjects.

Parent’s Group

each 4th Sunday, 15:00~16:00

In this group, parents come together, and study biblical parenting. We read good books, get advices, and share our thoughts and situations.

Bible Study

each third Wednesday, 13:30~14:30

Together with the pastor, we learn about the persons from the Bible and other things. It is a small group in a cozy atmosphere. Please contact us prior to your visit.

NOTE:Dates and times are subject to change. Please contact the church for further information.

Sunday School

each Sunday, 9:15~10:15

教会学校At the Sunday school children can adjusted to their age learn the Bible and develop their faith. The Sunday school of Tokyo Bible Church is divided into classes but includes a joint worship service. This service is conducted by different teachers each week. We sing children’s hymns and in turns children able to play the organ do so accompanying our service. Children also memorize Bible verses and celebrate each others birthdays.
After their joint service children attend Bible classes divided into kindergarten, early and late elementary school, and junior and senior high school ages. We listen to the thoughts and problems the children share with us and try to help them in their lives.
Children can enter these classes without any knowledge about Christianity or the Bible. Teachers and other children will help them. You as parents are also welcome to take part in these meetings together with your children.